How Peek Learning Consultants Can Help You Avoid the 7 Most Frequent HR Mistakes

Earlier in January I posted something about an e-book from Insperity entitled “7 Most Frequent HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”. (The post was on the Peek Learning Consultants page on Facebook.) I wanted to explore that post a little more:

1. Lack of an updated employee handbook – Unfortunately we live in a litigious society. Insperity recommends that employees should receive and acknowledge an employee handbook (an electronic version and signature are fine) that is revised at least every other year. The handbook should reference policies such as the code of conduct, dress code, safety, attendance, communications (including social media), nondiscrimination, etc. Why? Because documented policies can reduce your organization’s liability, and give your employees a clear understanding of expectations.

2. Lack of documentation for performance-based terminations – Once again, we unfortunately live in a litigious society, and firing an employee without proper documentation can cause many problems for an organization. By establishing and adhering to a progressive discipline policy, you provide employees with opportunities to improve their performance, and you minimize liability issues.

3. Insufficient and improperly stored employee records – Do you have a personnel file for each employee? What does it contain? Are the files stored in a secure location? Is information that may be protected under the umbrella of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) kept separate or is it in the same file? When did you last audit your employee records?

4. Poor hiring and promotion decisions – Low employee engagement and high turnover can some times stem from poor hiring and promotions. Improving interviewing skills can often lead to hiring the right candidate. Providing leadership and management development training can often help new managers transition more smoothly into their new role and minimize conflict with their team.

5. A disregard for training – Providing training is an investment in the future of your organization. And, training starts on day one, with onboarding to help a new hire transition into his/her new role and a new company. Here is something to think about: “…employees consider opportunities to develop leadership skills as the number one reason for staying with a company.” (Cornerstone, 2017)

6. Lack of adequate HR policies – Do you have a policy for vacation payout? Is there a complaint processes? Does the company have a plan in case of a natural disaster?

7. Ignorance or disregard for applicable laws and regulations – Do you know all the laws and regulations that your organization is subject to? Are you sure that all employees are classified correctly?

Contact me! I can help you with all of these, or refer you to someone who can.

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