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I started my career in operations in the chemical industry. I started in planning, purchasing, and inventory control. I moved into my first management role while in my mid-twenties. Like most people who move from an individual contributor role to their first management role, I received no training. In hindsight, I feel bad for the people who worked for me back then. I probably wasn’t a good manager; I managed the way I wanted to be manage – which probably didn’t work for my team.

My career changed gears and I transitioned from operations into software implementation, technical writing, and training. It was an amazing experience as it gave me an opportunity to work in different locations, with different people, and have a hand in seeing something go from an idea to a reality. I also got bit by the training bug.

After a while I transitioned back into operations; this time doing post implementation support and ISO documentation and training. That eventually morphed into a full time training role that spanned onboarding through management development. And, I haven’t looked back since then! I have had the opportunity to create and implement programs that I am proud of, work with great people, and travel the world.

I am originally from the northeast, but spent 20 year in the Houston Texas area. I am now located in Perry Maine, which I and others sometimes refer to as Perry-dise.

I enjoy most aspects of learning and development and organizational development. Two things that really enjoy:

  • Helping people improve their leadership and management skills. I think back to my past – At work I became a manager because I was good at my job, but I had no idea how to manage people. Outside of work, I became a leader in a non-profit (600+ members, with an annual event attended by over 4000 people) and had no experience leading a group of people that didn’t work for me. I think these things happen to a lot of people. So, my personal and professional experience allows me to work with individuals or companies to help people develop and improve their leadership and management skills.

  • Helping teams work together to become the best team they can be. A team is often a bunch of people thrown together because they work for the same company or the same manager. They have to work together to accomplish something. Each person brings his/her personality, experiences, biases, etc. into this new team relationship. Sometimes it all works out well, but many times it doesn’t. I really enjoy working with the team and each of the individuals on the team to help them work together more productively and cohesively.

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