Chris Peek

Educational Consultant

and co-author of "Mastering AP World History: A Skills Guide for Teachers (and Students)"

My Mission and Passion

Students are taught to write by their English teachers. Unfortunately, that writing style is not the way universities expect students to write, and it is not the writing style that is used in the professional world. When students transition from high school to college, many universities require remedial writing courses to teach the students how to write professionally.  My mission as a high school teacher is to start students off, as early as 9th grade, using writing skills that will transfer with them throughout their educational experience.  My passion is to train other teachers in the strategies that will allow even more students to become better writers.

Who am I?

I am a learning and teaching consultant who has spent 30 years in the classroom.

Why work with me?

Because my passion is based on…

  • Helping students

  • Mentoring teachers

Because I …

  • Reach students using meaningful activities

  • Know how to start at a level where students can feel some success immediately

  • Do not over-burden teachers with more things to do


Educational and Professional Background

  • BS in Education

  • Author of Mastering the AP Exam, a guide for Teachers (and Students)

  • Curriculum writer for the Houston Independent School District (20+ years)

  • College Board Consultant

  • Award winning success in teaching students to write

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