Overarching Mission 

  • Committed to helping leaders and businesses grow

My Mission 

  • To help individuals be better leaders

  •  To help companies be more successful

    • Research shows that, in many cases, people leave managers, not companies. I believe that good managers, good relationships, and good processes are the keys to a company retaining its employees, no matter what the size of the organization.

    • I also believe that many managers are promoted into management because they were good at what they did (job competence). Unfortunately, in many cases being good at what they did does not make them good at managing people.

Who am I?

I am a talent development consultant and certified professional coach who has spent the last 15+ years specializing in HR, learning and development, and organizational development.


Educational and Professional Background

  • BS in Business Management

  • MBA with Organizational Development Concentration

  • Certified Professional Coach


Why work with me?

  • Because I …

    • Am a leader – as a talent development professional, as a small business owner, and as a community member

    • Have 25+ years in the workforce – with experience in business operations, technical training, etc.

    • Am an experienced people manager - I became a manager in 1994 because I was good at what I did, which was operations management. Like most people promoted into management, I received no training on how to deal with the employees who now reported to me

  • And, because I…

    • Am passionate about helping people become better leaders

    • Have 15+ years specializing in leadership development

    • Have learned from every personal and professional experience

Theresa M. Peek

Talent Development Consultant and Coach

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